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Značka: HEAD
13 490 Kč
Kategorie: Unisex
Záruka: 2 roky


Pokud hledáte all-mountain prkno plné popu a rychlé odezvy, pak je e-INSTINCT LYT přesně pro vás. Díky dvojí výhodě reaktivního prohnutí a zábavného plochého prohnutí poskytuje prkno lepší kontrolu a odezvu za všech podmínek. Nová technologie EMC tlumí prkno při rychlé jízdě, dodává mu kontrolu a zaručuje plynulou jízdu. Navzdory všem funkcím, které jsme do tohoto prkna nacpali, je jeho hmotnost velmi nízká, protože jsme použili naši konstrukci LYT TECH.



Skill - Expert
Camber - Hybrid Camber DCT
Architecture - LYT Board Architecture w. Graphene and Framewall
Flex index - 8
Base - Sintered Base



Délka (cm) Střed (cm) Effective Edge (cm) Radius (m) Med. Stance (cm) Setback (cm) Rider Weight (kg)
146 23.5 (23.9) 110,5 7,8 52 1,0 40-70
149 23.9 (24.3) 115,4 7,9 54 1,0 40-70
153 24.4 (24.8) 118,3 7,9 56 1,0 50-80
156 24.6 (25.0) 121,1 7,9 58 1,0 50-80
159 24.9 (25.2) 122,2 7,9 60 1,0 50-80
162 25.0 (25.4) 126,0 7,9 60 1,0 70-90




Hybrid Camber DCT

Hybrid Camber DCT features a mix of regular and flat camber and a tapered, narrow waist for increased torsional flex. Outstanding edge hold comes from the camber under the bindings, while flat camber between delivers responsive fun. 

Hexagonal Core

Hexagonal Core is a high-tech compound that allows a board to weigh less but maintain its core strength. It is arranged zonally in the construction of selected HEAD boards. 


Graphene is a 2D material that even when an atom thick is one of the strongest and lightest materials on earth. Used zonally in a board it magnifies a board’s positive characteristics. 


Lighter products help to you to enjoy yourself longer on snow. By focusing on the essentials, we are able to provide you with gear, which is light in weight but extraordinary in terms of performance and design. 

Lightweight Wood Core

A new core design, using lightweight wood. This weight reduction transfers into boards that are light, yet long-lasting and full of power. 


The ISPO Gold Award winning Framewall is multifaceted, as it adds stiffness and control to the board, absorbs shock and delivers an even pressure along the board’s edges for added control and reactivity. 


Kinetic energy is derived during riding permanently. Ceramic piezoelectric plates which work as a capacitor will transform this kinetic energy into electrical energy. While the plates are bent, they will send this energy to a Graphene infused carbon layer, connected with a resistor. This will filter disturbing frequencies and the board will be harmonized. Vibrations will be reduced. As a result, you will get smooth, nice, easy turns. Stability at its best! 


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