Head Four Boa Focus Liquid fit 22/23

Sportovní SNB boty

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Značka: HEAD
8 590 Kč
Kategorie: Expert / All mountain
Záruka: 2 roky


Model FOUR BOA FOCUS LIQUID FIT je určen pro středně pokročilé až pokročilé jezdce a vyznačuje se vynikajícím komfortem, přizpůsobením a odezvou pro progresivní freestylisty a freeridery. Přestože tato bota má již z výroby skvělý střih, je také připravena na Liquid Fit a lze ji plně přizpůsobit vašemu individuálnímu tvaru nohy za méně než 10 minut! Zatímco podrážka boty poskytuje maximální přilnavost a tlumení nárazů, její svršek je vybaven zónovým systémem BOA® Fit, který zaručuje individuální a pevné uchycení. Přidejte k tomu plně přizpůsobitelnou vložku a získáte botu, kterou je těžké překonat. 


BOA® Mid Power FOCUS

The zonal BOA® fit configuration offers two BOA® dials, so you can effortlessly lace the upper and lower zone of your boot individually. 

BOA® Coiler

The BOA Coiler™ increases the speed of entry and quickly takes up lace slack with a spring-loaded lace that coils automatically, providing a precise fit that lasts. 

S.Café® Lining Mesh

S.Café® fabrics feature extraordinary odor control and fast drying properties. This is achieved by incorporating real coffee grounds into fabric, by using the sustainable S.Café® technology. S.Café® fabrics absorb and transport moisture from the body to the outside – resulting in a close to 200% faster drying time compared to cotton! 

FPG Insole

The 3D FPG Insole features a cupped heel and ergonomic arch for maximum support for the whole foot. 

Adaptive Fit

Adaptive Fit allows for a personal customizable fit to the toe box. A velcro strap allows the box to be fitted quickly and effectively for the ultimate comfort and fit. 


The Easylock system makes tightening your laces easy. For closing just pull the laces and for opening the liner just pull up the loop on the tongue in the toes' direction. 


An additional silver foil between the midsole and outsole of the liner reflects the heat generated by the body back into the liner to keep your feet warm. 

Liner Velcro Strap

This additional strap assures an unshakeable foothold if precision is needed for expert riding. 

Perfect Fit

The revolutionary customization system Perfect Fit provides the best level of precision hold, comfort & performance. Head liners are a perfect fit to foot and shell straight out of the box but they can also be heat moulded repeatedly for ultimate personal fit. 

Ninja Outsole

The Ninja Outsole is an extra grippy, shock-absorbent lightweight sole. Featuring a special EVA frame it also has added rubber grip on the toe and heel for additional traction on snow and ice. 

Cuff Cut Construction

The Cuff Cut Construction eliminates bulging and deformation of the shell and provides a smooth forward flex. 

Frequency Technology

Frequency Technology reduces weight and makes a boot more waterproof. Derived from running shoe technology its has a contemporary, clean look. 

Injected Heel Section

A plastic injected heel cup protects the boots from heavy wear that is common in rental operation and offers additional foot support. 

Liquid Fit Custom Liner

The Liquid Fit Custom liner fits perfectly out of the box and can be fully customized with HEAD’s Liquid Fit system. It has a fully adjustable toe box for maximum hold for all feet with no pressure points. 

Flex Index 8


Forward Lean 9°

For freeriding & freestyling 

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